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Entrepreneurs, including franchisees, depend on our expertise to guide them through the intensity of a new business acquisition or start-up, or the sale of their existing business. We are proactive in these client relationships, seeking to become involved in our clients activities to add to their productivity, sense of accomplishment and quality of life. We help them with:

The drafting and review of business contracts, including the business, social, economic and tax ramifications of those contracts;
Attendance and counsel at business closings;
Tax planning for the individual as well as his or her business entity, including year end or fiscal year tax strategies and advice;
The preparation and review of Wills and Trusts, including federal and state tax planning to allow for the transition of family assets to spouses and future generations without the payment of excessive or unnecessary fees, costs and taxes;
Estate matters for decedents, and trusts for the disabled or those adjudicated incapable of managing their own affairs;
Insurance planning including the use or necessity of life insurance and disability insurance (we also advise our clients with regard to protecting against possible liability exposure resulting from business or professional activities, business or real estate ownership or other asset ownership and related activities);
Business and personal relationships and seek to assist them in managing their affairs.