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Domestic Relations

A Roadmap to Divorce
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The job of the Domestic Relations Group is to expertly and humanely guide each client though the administrative and procedural process of going through a divorce wherever their matter is located (as each county has specific guidelines). It is to understand the ramifications of the divorce and the divorce process on every aspect of the client’s life, from child custody to financial matters.

Each case is a unique entity bringing into play its own issues, made even more complex by the high net worth of the typical DS&T client. The attorneys at DS&T regularly work with the best business and real estate appraisers, tax/forensic accountants, appraisers for personalty, and mental health consultants, advising their clients on how to use these services as part of their divorce, and acting as a liaison to save their clients time and money.

Our attorneys create a roadmap for the independent spouse that highlights his or her financial options regarding: cash flow, child support, alimony; insurance; valuation of closely held companies and options in publicly held companies; and tax consequences of different classes of assets and income for purposes of equitable distribution. We develop a strategic plan for the actual division of different classes of assets.

For dependent spouses, we answer questions about criteria for and speed with which they can receive alimony, child support and spousal support. We explain how they can pay counsel fees. We educate them about financial disclosure and how to obtain these documents from the independent spouse. We help dependent spouses hire the appropriate professionals to ensure they receive an equitable settlement.

Throughout the process, we counsel clients, as needed, about: protection from abuse and domestic violence; and protecting the best interests of their children, including paying for and making decisions about therapy, school, medication, religious upbringing and extracurricular activities.