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Individualized Payment Structure

One of the advantages of remaining relatively small in a large marketplace is that we maintain the flexibility to develop a fee structure that is appropriate to each individual case and suits the needs of the specific client… that is, you.

There are four methods clients use to pay us. Some use a combination of these methods:

Contingent Fee
This type of billing arrangement is used in personal injury matters, certain collection matters and, occasionally, commercial litigation.

Set Fee
Set fees are most frequently utilized for documentation that is likely to be non controversial and unlikely to result in complications or future problems. These situations include: pensions; profit sharing or 401k implementation; and the choice and creation of an entity for a new business venture.

Time billing is frequently used for non-retainer business transactions and domestic relations. Due to the impossibility of determining the complexity of certain matters we find it is in our clients’ best interests to utilize time billing. We utilize computer programs that meticulously set forth the time expended, the attorney working on the matter, the date and the services rendered.

This fee structure is frequently utilized for established business relationships where it is possible to anticipate the year-to-year expenditure necessary for legal services.